Dj Hans Welcomes you:

The talented group consisting of a few main members serves its clients with many sources of musical needs. We offer not only astonishing sound and Deejaying excellence but many other detailed services to operate our client needs. Satisfaction for clients and creativity is our aim towards the goal.

We serve everything from live video mixing, live dance performances, lighting of all sorts (LED, LASER), projection screens/ TV screens, name displays on venue walls, live instrument performances (Dhol, tumbi, live piano player, and all other instruments upon request), and more upon client request; we offer A-Z everything, we attempt to fulfill every request.

Lastly, we would like to declare that Punjabi Style Ent is created and established by the head member DJ Hans. The CEO of the company runs all operations and is the contact person and is Punjabi Style Ent. Dj Hans has been involved in the business for 15 plus years perfecting his image to get to where he has reached today. All of your guys support has helped in every angle aspect. Book Punjabi Style Ent; DJ Hans for your next big moment.